SNMP walk/get from the the Cisco IOS CLI

SNMP walk/get from the the Cisco IOS CLI

In my previous post I have discussed about how to do a SNMP walk from the MIB browser or from the Cisco Prime Infrastructure.


However many a times you would like to test if the device is responding to a specific MIB/OID or not, while you don’t have access to the PI or you cannot connect to the device via MIB browser.

Interestingly the Cisco IOS device does support querying the device itself for a specific OID using SNMP under the tclsh (TCL shell).

Enable the snmp server manager on the device using the command:


Router(config)# snmp-server manager

Router(tcl)#snmp_getnext TEST // here TEST is the community {<obj oid=’ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusEntry.2.1′ val=’chassis’/>}

More on this is available on the following link:

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