Using MIB Browser for SNMP Walk/Query

Using MIB Browser for SNMP Walk/Query

At times you would need to quick easy way to do a SNMPwalk/query for specific OIDs of your managed devices for some troubleshooting purpose.

This could be done using open/free snmp tools available on the internet. I found the Ireasoning mib browser quick helpful and easy.

Install the Mib Browser and add your managed device using v2/v3.

Configured the MIB browser as following: Tools > Options > Agent > Add > Add the managed device ip address and the community string.

Get the correct MIB file for your managed device. I am using Cisco WLC as the managed device and got the MIB downloaded from the Cisco support Site.

Load the correct MIB file on the Mib Browser. File > Load Mibs > Choose the file location.

Browse and poll for the related OID.

I am polling for the AP native vlan Id as follows:

If you know the OID, you can directly use the OID and do get to get the related information:

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