The-Ethernets is an attempt to share my experience, learning with the global community of network support engineers.

This site is also my repository of notes for the certifications I am planning to attempt. I tried with a similar attempt earlier via blogpost however other aspects of my life got me busy. I am returning again and hope it would be able to continue it.

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  • Aruba AOS-10
    Aruba AOS-10 at a Glance ArubaOS 10 (AOS 10) is the distributed network operating system working with Aruba Central that controls Aruba Access Points (APs) and optional gateways. With its flexible architecture, network teams can deliver reliable and secure wireless connectivity for small offices, mid-sized branches, even large campus environments, and remote workers. Working in … Continue reading “Aruba AOS-10”
  • Exploring Aruba 8.x API via Postman
    Exploring Aruba 8.x API via Postman Postman is a great tool to test APIs, we can make a group of API calls known as collection in Postman. The collection could also be run from CLI via Newman. Postman has a lot of good documentation to start and test the API function. The ArubaOS 8.x though … Continue reading “Exploring Aruba 8.x API via Postman”
  • SSH Aruba MM/MD via Public Key Auth
    SSH Aruba MM/MD via Public Key Auth The support of certificate base login to the MM/MD provide a good security capability of the Aruba MM/MDs. Aruba still don’t support importing the public key directly and thus your SSH public key can only be imported into the Aruba controller using an X509 certificate. Therefore we first … Continue reading “SSH Aruba MM/MD via Public Key Auth”
  • Aruba DHCP Option 60
    Aruba DHCP Option 60 (Vendor Class Identifier) Almost all vendors implement the DHCP Option 60 RFC(2132) Vendor Class Identifier in their own way. The DHCP Option 60 is a string that the Access Point includes in the DHCP Discovery packet to the DHCP Server. A DHCP server can be configured to filter on received option … Continue reading “Aruba DHCP Option 60”
  • SCP Service on Aruba Mobility Controllers
    SCP Service on Aruba Mobility Controllers The Aruba Mobility Controllers support the SCP Server feature, where you can enable SCP Service on the MMs and MDs. This feature helps to transfer files between MM and MDs without any external SCP Server requirement and also helps to transfer files to and from any device running SCP … Continue reading “SCP Service on Aruba Mobility Controllers”